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Are specialty TV networks beyond salvation?By Dennis Perkins Sep 27, 2013 • 12AMI think it was getting caught up in the Sharknado that finally did it.Everyone had fun hashtagging the hell out of the Syfy original movie concerning a tornado-full of sharks, if you haven’t seen it on Twitter, myself included. I posit that the title Tornsharko sounds scarier, but that’s me. Essentially, that’s what Syfy original movies, with their intentionally dopey, punning titles are there for—to provide reasonably priced programming that viewers will make fun of and, theoretically, tune in for. As Caroline Framke’s fun, perceptive review pointed out, there’s nothing wrong with such deliberately self-mocking genre fare, essentially fodder for viewers to play Mystery Science Theater 3000 via the Internet. And if the viewership didn’t live up to the online hype, well, at least the experience gave comedians a chance to hone their craft and D-list celebrities a paycheck. No harm, no foul.

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Chet Kanojia

  An interesting legal battle to monitor.

Two years ago Kanojia visited the ­offices of the four broadcast television networks to tell them about his plan to upend their business. How?   Aereo makes tiny antennas that pick up broadcasters’ channels for free. For $8 a month you can rent access to an antenna that beams the live feed directly to your computer, iPad or iPhone—compared with $100 or more for cable TV. “The reaction was ‘We’ll see you in court,’ ” Kanojia recalls. True to their word, all four broadcasters joined suit against Aereo last year, arguing it threatened them with “substantial irremediable losses.” The U.S. District Court in New York sided with the upstart, but the networks have appealed.

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