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We’ve known for a while that Google (Nasdaq: GOOG��) has a sense of humor. The company’s April Fool’s jokes have become about as legendary as our own. But timing? The company that kept Gmail in beta for years and released the Honeycomb tablet operating system before it was ready to make a serious run at the iPad has never been known for timing.

That may finally be changing. Last week, just as the fall TV season was starting to gather steam, the Big G announced plans that could disrupt every major cable and satellite provider, and possibly some of the big studios as well.

A better YouTube

Specifically, the search specialist said in a blog post that it is planning upwards of 100 new channels for broadcasting original content across a variety of categories. The Wall Street Journal subsequently cited anonymous sources who say Google has committed roughly $100 million in advance payments to create the channels.

Several A-list stars are involved, the Journal says, including Madonna, Jay-Z, Two And a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher, Rainn Wilson of The Office, and Sofia Vergara of Modern Family. Each channel will feature its own programming lineup to be broadcast exclusively on YouTube for 18 months. Producers are to take in 55% of ad revenue after Google recoups upfront payments, the Journal reported.

via Say Hello to Hollywood’s New Serial Killer (AAPL, CBS, CMCSA, DISH, DTV, GOOG).

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Why broadcast producers participate in Google TV.�




When Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion 5 years ago, people expected Google to turn the online video platform into a haven for original web programming produced by well known content generators, effectively challenging the institutional norms of video content distribution.

On Friday, this became a reality.

For this to happen, the dollars and cents had to add up for content creators. Beyond the reported $100 million Google paid out to its partners on this deal, strategic shifts in ad dollars and changing viewing habits played a role.

via Google: Original YouTube Programming Makes Sense For Content Creators.

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Great info graphic that uses live data.

The Internet is a strange, huge beast. It is getting bigger, faster and more mobile each day. Ferocious social networks fight each other to be on top and gain more of our attention and personal information. An entire economy is generated from our browsing habits.This is the face of the Internet now.

via State Of The Internet 2011.

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This is a great article that explores the roles and value of digital media types.

How Social Media Is Changing Paid, Earned & Owned Media.

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