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Face it: We’ve gotten too used to our familiar search results. The simple lists, the basic titles, the easy tags and categories; they’ve all been with us since the dawn of the search engine age. 2013 saw a few changes in search engine results page (SERP) format, but for the most part, our SERPs remained the same.

Now, times are changing. Going forward, the old-fashioned SERP to which we’ve become accustomed is going to be drastically updated to accommodate a new Internet era; the rise of mobile. In the next few years, a series of changes will add more color, information, targeted data, and key sections that we have never seen before.

Search engines need to evolve to remain useful and relevant. But as the changes start to pile up, users are going to start to learn to adjust. Furthermore, the SEO (search engine optimization) industry is going to feel huge changes and pressures to change as well. We’re already starting to see some changes, and more are on their way. Let’s explore some of the most interesting SERP changes


http://www.forbes.com/sites/jaysondemers/2014/03/06/big-changes-are-coming-to-google-search-results-are-you-ready/that I predict are heading our way.




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