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What are the elements of a great website?  Some good ideas from these former Engadget associates.


The Verge, the tech site headed former Engadget editor Josh Topolsky and his crew with backing from SB Nation, launches at 4 a.m. this morning.

The plan calls for smart consumer-focused news that will appeal to a wide audience.

People are eager for the launch. This Is My Next, the site Topolsky and his former Engadget brethren started while figuring out The Verge, got more than three million unique visitors with little promotion.

In advance of the Verge launch, We spoke with Topolsky, SB Nation chairman and CEO Jim Bankoff, and Verge publisher Marty Moe about launching, plans for the site, and where the collaboration might go.�

via The New Site From The Engadget Crew And SB Nation Is About To Take The Tech World By Storm.


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